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Pet sitting & Visits

Values of pet sitting and visits; Pet sitting/Visits is not only about letting them out for the toilet and keeping them company. It is letting your pets stay at home in their secure environment, being surrounded by their familiar sights, smells and sounds reducing the risk of anxiety, illness, loneliness trauma and stress. 

Not only does it benefit your animals but it benefits you owners too. It benefits you by knowing that your pet is in loving caring hands, feeling your home is more secure while away with someone going in and out multiple times a day. A pet sitter ensures your pet will stay in good health, as well as watering your plants. 


It is important to find a professional, qualified and insured pet sitter you can trust... Just like here at Pawsome Fun! 

We offer pet visits for a range of animals; from Cats, Rabbits and Guinea pigs through to Dalmatians and Bearded dragons. Getting to know all your animals is important to understand their likes and dislikes. So before we take your furry friends in our care or pay a visit, a meet and greet is required and we get you to fill out a form about their routine, diet and habits to ensure any disruption to their normal day to day life is minimal and they are comfortable as can be while you're away! 

We're available 7 days a week to take care of your animals by walking them, feeding them, cleaning out their cages, handling them and more. You can be rest assured that the same sitter is going to take care of your pet until the day of your return. This will ensure that your pet will be able to build on a bond of trust with the person who is taking care of them. 

All Animal visits start from £12 for 30 minutes or £16 for 60 minutes. 

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